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Athens Social and Political Walk

Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 2-4, Athina 106 74 (Representation of the European Commission in Greece - Athens)

Understanding the Refugee Crisis

28is Oktovriou 76, Athina 104 34 (Athens University of Economics and Business (Main entrance) - Athens)

Awful Athens

28is Oktovriou 47, Athina 104 33 (Italian Institute of Education in Athens - Athens)

The Greek LGBTQ History-walk

Zappeio Park (Statue of Evangelii Zappa entrance of Zappeio Hall)

Manila Social and Political Walk

One Rockwell West Tower (entrance)

Mexico Social and Political Walk

Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico







La Paz social and political walk
This tour was riveting from the first moments to the end. Isaac’s relaying of his depth of knowledge, gained through years of continuous serious study, gave meaning to & brought the landscape, monuments, graffiti & places to life, with humour and engrossing storytelling. We felt so fortunate to be able to access this social political history, delivered in a digestible & memorable way, during such an enjoyable and fascinating walk. Loved every second.
La Paz social and political walk

Understand Greece in two and a half hours!

Isaac was a fantastic communicator, able to encapsulate historical events, personages and issues in a few insightful sentences. All seamlessly woven together so that he could move back and forward in time and across issues without losing you! At the end I felt like I had just digested several books on Greek history.
La Paz social and political walk
I loved my visit with Isaac. An original way to discover Athens and Greek political life. We were 5 participants from different countries and Isaac skillfully made the connection with his subject by drawing parallels with our respective countries. Isaac is adorable and funny, he puts us at ease and he's a real storyteller who makes this discovery never boring. A great discovery, intelligent and exciting and a great time with new friends. Thank you Isaac!
La Paz social and political walk
A super informative tour, talks about things that you would learn from a local friend rather than from a glossy brochure. Gives a good overview of politics and economical aspects of modern Greece and an insight into why some things are the way they are. Isaac (the guide) is highly knowledgeable and good at storytelling, mixing up 'heavier' information with fun facts and interesting details. You walk the streets of Athens while learning some 'theory' in an entertaining way and observing people going about their daily lives (Isaac helps you to notice various details that you probably wouldn't notice if you were just passing by on your own as a non-local). He also encourages the participants to ask questions, so the tour is quite interactive. The tour is especially great for those of us on the geekier side.
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La Paz social and political walk
This was a really wonderful tour! My husband and I are both politics nerds but we ended up learning a lot about Greek politics and modern history. Isaac is genuinely one of the best tour guides, his knowledge is incredible and he the tour is well paced. This was a really great unique experience and really enriched our stay in Athens. If you’re also a politics or history fan, I’d recommend. Even if you’re not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tour. The tour itself is not difficult even though there is a bit of walking and Isaac is very conscientious as a tour guide (ie it was quite hot but Isaac made sure we were standing or sitting in the shade when he was explaining anything). Anyway, I hope you book this tour. It was great.
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