What are Planetwonk Experiences?

Planetwonk builds, curates, and delivers experiences that provide unfettered access and an in-depth understanding of communities and places that you may not otherwise discover.

Our mission

Our experiences are a fantastic way to really get to know a place because we provide first-rate access to locations as well as excellent analysis. Our experiences are similar to being in a documentary, not ordinary tourism. You are free to think for yourself and to ask your own questions. You won't forget the experience; it's one-of-a-kind, thrilling, and engaging. Many of our guests tell us they couldn't do it on their own. In fact, we rarely have groups larger than 14 persons (most groups average around 4-5 people). Many people who wouldn't typically travel in a group discover that our experiences allow them to explore places in a way they could never have on their own. To join us, you don't have to be an expert on politics or social issues. Most guests aren't. Everybody has a curious mind. Our wonks are dot-connecting storytellers. In other words, the wonk helps to understand as you move through various communities as part of a larger narrative.

What our clients say

“it's one of the best tour we've ever joined - in any country - Isaac is capable of giving a macro perspective on the history of modern Greece and then bring you to see the details of current conflicts and movements in the district where they actually take place today. It's been a pleasure to listen and follow him through Athens - and hear is fabulous storytelling - if you want to come back home with real new understanding of the country you visit - sign up without a doubt.”


“Maria was an awesome guide! It was such an interesting tour- not touristy at all and a good way to fully understand the culture of Athens. It was just me, my partner and Maria and she was very patient with answering allll of our questions and knowledgeable about the current and past political climate of greece and surrounding areas! She even indulged us with a little feminist and lgbtq history. Very unique and would recommend to anyone who wanted to know the nitty gritty. We were able to see, comfortably and safely, the ‘awful’ parts of Athens. She was very kind and friendly. I would love to go on another tour of hers next time we’re in Athens and hopefully participate in her virtual tours soon!”


“Absolutely incredible tour. Isaac is extremely knowledgeable, and has a talent for drawing comparisons to the groups home countries to help contextualize the information. We both walked away with a much better understanding of Greek history and cultural identity. Isaac is a captivating (and funny) story teller and I felt engaged the entire time. I can’t recommend this tour enough.”


“Imagine a 3 hour documentary but instead of watching it on the screen, you’re following the narrator around the city, experiencing the scenes in first person with an opportunity to ask questions and foster conversation among a diverse group of people. This is what you’ll get with this tour and it is excellent! If you are even the slightest bit interested in politics and/or economics, (not just in Greece but globally) you will love this tour. Isaac explains in thoughtful detail the history of modern Greece and the stories and sights will astound you.”