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Athens Social and Political Walk

Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 2-4, Athina 106 74 (Representation of the European Commission in Greece - Athens)

Understanding the Refugee Crisis

28is Oktovriou 76, Athina 104 34 (Athens University of Economics and Business (Main entrance) - Athens)

Awful Athens

28is Oktovriou 47, Athina 104 33 (Italian Institute of Education in Athens - Athens)

The Greek LGBTQ History-walk

Zappeio Park (Statue of Evangelii Zappa entrance of Zappeio Hall)

Manila Social and Political Walk

One Rockwell West Tower (entrance)

Mexico Social and Political Walk

Secretaría del Medio Ambiente







Planet Wonk
What an interesting experience this political and social tour of La Paz allows you to better understand the history of Bolivia and its current situation, which we generally ignore in Europe. I loved this country even more, which was able to push McDonald's and other Kentucky fried chicken outside its borders. Kevin's narration is captivating and peppered with anecdotes. We feel that he is involved and answers questions perfectly. I highly recommend this experience to travel smarter.
La Paz social and political walk
We had a fabulous afternoon with Chami who was so informative and friendly. This is not a tour for "sights" this is a tour about learning and getting to know a country
La Paz social and political walk
I cannot recommend this tour enough. Chami is as passionate as she is a brilliant tour guide. I learned so much in the time of the tour and only wish I had more time in Sri Lanka to understand more. We went to several sites, each striking in their political, economic, and social history. I'm so grateful to have found this and hope one day to read Chami's memoir on growing up in such an important time in Sri Lanka 's modern history.
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La Paz social and political walk
Wonderful tour, fascinating insights that you wouldn't get from a museum. Came highly recommended and did not disappoint!
La Paz social and political walk
Great, nonconventional tour. You would think that describing the milestones of Greek history and the current state of affairs in two and a half hours is impossible. Isaac would prove you wrong. It is an essential tour, especially for foreigners, that helps to pull back the curtain and learn about Athens and Greece. A real treasure for people hungry for knowledge.