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Athens Social and Political Walk

Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 2-4, Athina 106 74 (Representation of the European Commission in Greece - Athens)

Understanding the Refugee Crisis

28is Oktovriou 76, Athina 104 34 (Athens University of Economics and Business (Main entrance) - Athens)

Awful Athens

28is Oktovriou 47, Athina 104 33 (Italian Institute of Education in Athens - Athens)

The Greek LGBTQ History-walk

Zappeio Park (Statue of Evangelii Zappa entrance of Zappeio Hall)

Manila Social and Political Walk

One Rockwell West Tower (entrance)

Mexico Social and Political Walk

Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico







La Paz social and political walk
For the average tourist, when we think of Greece, we think of ancient ruins and beautiful islands. We don't think too much about modern Greece. So grateful we booked this tour to complement our tour of Ancient Athens ... we learned so much about modern Greece and Athens, the financial crisis, and the challenges facing the country today.
La Paz social and political walk
Our experience was guided by Alex. He was excellent. The easy conversation that took place during the walk allowed for history, storytelling, and personalization. We are so glad we had this experience with such a great guide!
La Paz social and political walk
Mar’ie was exceptional, providing insightful and detailed explanations of Indonesia’s rich history, it’s politics, and society. His excellent English and strong communication skills made the experience engaging and informative.
La Paz social and political walk
Not only is Isaac very knowledgeable in the issues at hand, he also weaves the information together in the tour in a form of story that progresses as you move around town. I felt safe throughout, and Isaac was excited and able to answer every question we had on the tour. The issues discussed on the tour were heavy, as was seeing and hearing about the souls affected. Greece is truly at the heart of so many colliding political and humanitarian circumstances, and Isaac is able to tie it all together to create understanding. Highly recommend if you're interested in learning about the migrant crisis and current situation in Athens and Greece! This is no typical tour - expect to learn truly substantial facts and stories that you can take with you and chew on.
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La Paz social and political walk
I did a walking tour with Issac last summer in Athens and loved it so much, it was a genuine highlight of my trip and enhanced the rest of the trip so much now that I had context for the social and political history. I was so excited when I saw there was an experience in Manila, my only wish is that I had done the walking tour on my first day. I liken Issac's experiences to the box of text or the audio guide when you are at an art gallery. You see a beautiful painting, it gives you feelings, you appreciate it, but then you read the museum label and you learn who did the painting, what year, and the story about how the piece came to be and it makes the experience so much richer. I am glad to see that Issac has tours all around the world now, Alex was a great host in Manila, like Issac, who made us feel like we had an instant friend who was a local, but with an outsiders perspective, able to give objective commentary that a local might not be able to. Going to have a look where else Issac has tours so I can book them in for my summer travels!
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